Septic Pumping and Maintenance


Maintaining your septic system is a key part of home maintenance for many and is YOUR responsibility to maintain as a home owner. Through regular inspections and tank pumping, using water efficiently, NOT disposing of household wastes in sinks or toilets, and caring for your

drain-field, are all ways to maintain and prevent catastrophic failure and flooding.

You can visit the EPA website for homeowners guide to Septic System Maintenance,

or Schedule a service call and to have your system emptied, please Request Service, or call us directly at 907-346-7867.

Home Flooding


Floods are one of the most common hazards in the United States, however not all floods are alike. Some floods develop slowly, while others such a flash floods, can develop in just a few minutes and without visible signs of rain. Additionally, floods can be local, impacting a neighborhood or community, or very large, affecting entire river basins and multiple states.

Water Removal


Standing water is a perfect breeding ground for many microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and molds. They can cause disease or trigger allergic reactions in many individuals.

Problems with infectious diseases can also occur if the floodwaters contain or have been contaminated with sewage. In addition, the longer the building materials stand in contact with water, the more structural damage that can potentially occur.

Therefore, it is important to remove all standing water from the home as quickly as possible after a flood. Even when the flooding is due to a fairly clean source, such as rain water, the growth of these microorganisms can cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

If you are in need of water removal from just about anywhere, then please Request Service, or call 907-346-7867 to schedule an appointment.